David F. Dumont & Rosalyn Dumont
Guardianship & Eldercare Services

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

Your aging family member lives hundreds of miles away in Central Florida, and every time you call, you become further concerned about their ability to live on their own. You put down the phone, wondering and concerned... 

  • Are they unable to self-administer their medications?
  • Are they able to understand their Doctor's instructions and concerns?
  • Has their personal hygiene become a problem?
  • Have they lost their ability to make timely payments on their important bills, i.e. Medicare Supplement Premiums, Utility bills, Home-Owner's Insurance Premiums, etc.?
  • Are they easy targets for exploitation?
  • Would they be willing to ask for help, or would      they even know who to ask or where to find a trustworthy and honest caregiver?
  • Are they unwilling to even consider moving to an Assisted Living Facility (Retirement community)?