David F. Dumont & Rosalyn Dumont
Guardianship & Eldercare Services


August 4, 2006

To Whom it may concern,

I am the Medical Director for several Skilled Nursing Facilities in Lakeland, Florida, and I have worked closely with Mr. & Mrs. Dumont for more than 15 years in their capacity as Court Appointed Legal Guardians for incapacitated Seniors. I have always admired the respect the Dumont's always give their Clients and their vigilance toward the healthcare and overall well-being of all their clients.

The Dumont's always attend the Patient Care Conferences and visit their Clients on a regular basis, to assure that they receive the proper care that they require. The Staff at the Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities are all familiar with the Dumont's, and recognize their "hands-on" approach in their service for their clients. Mr. & Mrs. Dumont are very knowledgeable of their responsibility as Registered Guardians and I am always pleased when I learn of their involvement with my patients.


Sergio H. Vallejo, M.D.

Dear Judge,

During the two plus years that Jane was under the care of the Dumont's, my husband (Jane's son) and I were very relaxed knowing that she was in good hands. David was able to do all that was necessary to keep her comfortable, and had a very marvelous way including, sense of humor, dealing with whatever arose...


Mrs. Collins

Dear John,

I am writing to inform you about the condition of your mother... I also wanted to notify you of the excellent assistance that David F. Dumont has been in providing for your mother. He is looking after her as if he is taking care of a close relative. He is very caring, thoughtful, and extremely dependable concerning the daily aspects of Mrs. Sleeman's care. I feel that we have been most fortunate in being provided a certified legal guardian with such high competency...


Randy V. Heysek, M.D.
Radiation Oncologist

Dear David and Rosalyn,

My father's death earlier this year once again brought to mind the invaluable service you provided him in his declining years. In addition, I know you extended care far beyond what was contractually required, in fact, becoming a supportive friend. Because I was unable to be near him I'm greatly appreciative that you were there for him...


Garland Bellamy

Dear Rosalyn,

I am in receipt of your letter to Virgil Crist. This was an excellent letter and it went into great detail on everything that you have done for Ruth.

I really appreciate your hard work and concern which you have shown to Ruth. You and David are great guardians.

Sincerely yours,

Scott H. Langston
Attorney at Law

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Dumont,

Recently we were in Florida and visited Melvin Smith (Uncle Mel), as we know him. We were so pleased at what we saw. He looked so good, neat, clean, etc. This note is to thank you for taking such good care of him. Since hardly any of his relatives live close to Florida you were surely led by God to take care of him....

Donna Custer

Dear David & Rosalyn,

On behalf of Mildred's family I wanted to thank you for all the kindness and care you gave her over the years....




December 12, 2010
I was with my Dad when he passed peacefully in Hospice care at the VA nursing home near me, where he received outstanding care during the final year of his life.  It was the absolute right move for him and he had a good quality of life in terms of feeling safe and cared for as he was "in the moment."  Should my mother, who is a vet, every need long-term skilled nursing, I will do my best to have her admitted there.
My Mom is still able to live at Lake Morton Plaza in Independent Living; she gave up the car and I see her every two to three weeks.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for your invaluable service to my family; first in helping us deal with the ramifications of my father's initial diagnosis, then finding the mover to assist in a move to keep my parents living together as long as possible and finally, when my father's disease reached an advanced state, in helping us obtain the proper care for him.
We could not have successfully navigated the changes in our lives my father's illness necessitated without your guidance. Thank you again,
Savannah Whaley