David F. Dumont & Rosalyn Dumont
Guardianship & Eldercare Services

Geriatric Care Management

The majority of long term care for an aged and/or a disabled loved one is usually provided by a family member, or a close friend. Eventually the task may be so time consuming and requiring a familiarity of the services offered in the local community, that it becomes burdensome (at best) and impossible (at worst) for this to be done efficiently and economically from across the state or across the country.

A Professional in Geriatric Care Management has specialized knowledge and skills enabling them to do the following:

  • assess the Client's particular needs and expectations
  • assist the Client/family in finding the most appropriate care-giving options
  • represent the Client, in all matters, from a position of professional competence and experience
  • assist families in administering their decisions - an unbiased professional can often times act as an intermediary in making critical life issues i.e. Living Arrangements (Managed In-Home Care, Assisted Living Facility or Skilled Nursing Home)
  • help the Client adjust to their new environment and life-style
  • be an advocate for the Client
  • intercede when the care-giving responsibilities cause tension among family members
Geriatric Care Management includes:
  • Assessment and evaluation of current and anticipated needs
  • Advocacy
  • Arrange and/or monitor home services
  • Coordinate other care providers
  • Crisis intervention
  • Identify needs
  • Liaison for long distance families
  • Post Hospital Discharge planning
  • Referrals to community service agencies and geriatric specialists

  • Research alternative living arrangements and assist with moving

  • Review medical and safety issues

  • Telephone conferences/consulting